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Be Unbound

Join the community of students who say “no” to college debt and make the world their campus.

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— Jonathan Brush, Director of Student Life

Unbound students aren’t merely classmates. They’re co-adventurers. They’re the people you’ll start a business with, get hired by, or want to hire when you’re the boss. They build organizations, do ministry, and form lifelong relationships with each other. They’re just like you.


There are no restrictions on when you have to take courses, when you’ll need to take your test, or when you have to be at class. With Unbound, you're free to travel the world, develop deep friendships with your classmates, and gain extraordinary experiences, all while working on your degree.


Being yourself and creating your adventure is core to being Unbound. Whether you want to study abroad, go on missions trips, attend workshops, or build the next Apple in your garage, Unbound is about putting you in control of your education.


Unbound frees you to take courses from more affordable sources, so you save hundreds of dollars on every credit. The more you take, the more you save.

You tell us where you want to graduate. We’ll build you a plan. You’ll save thousands on your degree by using flexible, affordable courses and transferring the credit into your school. This is what it means to be Unbound from the traditional limitations of college.

Rated 4.8 by our students

Stephen peterson

Stephen Peterson

Unbound Student

Being Unbound allowed me to join a community of world-changers from across the globe. Many have become some of my closest friends and accountability partners over the last few years, and being in the program has given me both the flexibility and the reason to travel literally all over the United States.

Caitlin campbell

Caitlin Campbell

Unbound Student

Being Unbound has allowed me to pursue my dreams and helped me to reach my goals of competing for team Canada internationally, I can honestly say I don't know if this would have been possible if I had of been in a classroom.

Abraham chen

Abraham Chen

Unbound Student

I just love the fact that I'm able to go to my fellow Unbound student’s all over the country and crash at their place for the night and visit, or have them visit me in NYC and hang out. Being able to connect to all sorts of people all over the place, all while being busy with the other things I’m doing and getting experience in.

Krista kahsen

Krista Kahsen

Unbound Student

The most impactful thing about doing Unbound has been the community and the friends that I’ve made through this. It would not have been the same without that community, both online and at student gatherings.

Collin laramee

Collin Laramee

Unbound Student

The conversations I’ve had and the memories I’ve made...will stick with me for long into the future, and that power will continue as long as there are students to attend them.

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