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Why Unbound

College Shouldn’t be a Debt Sentence®

For most people, paying cash for college is impossible. Unbound makes it possible.

Start with a plan,
not a loan.

Unbound gives you a customized plan to reduce your college expenses and graduate faster.

World-class advising

We’re college experts. Our Central Registrar's Office® simplifies the college process, helping you choose the right courses for your degree and budget.

You’ll always know exactly what courses to take, when to take them, and how much they will cost. We even guarantee you’ll never take a course you don’t need.

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I did my degree in 2 years, 2 months, and 18 days. While earning my degree, I was able to graduate high school (officially), and travel all over the world...
Peyton Holliday,  Unbound Student

Flexible courses

Take your courses with you wherever you go—to the coffee shop, the library, or the gym. With Unbound, all you need to study is an internet connection.

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I have just four classes left and already have job opportunities thanks to the flexible schedule allowed by this program. It was hard work, for sure, but I'm so glad I found Unbound!
Brianna Stansfield,  Unbound Student

Thriving community

Unbound students aren’t merely classmates. They’re co-adventurers. They’re the people you’ll start a business with, get hired by, or want to hire when you’re the boss. They build organizations, volunteer, work, and form lifelong relationships. They’re truly Unbound.

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While studying in Unbound, I’ve been able to work, intern, and travel. I just love the fact that I'm able to go to my fellow Unbound student’s homes all over the country and [visit].
Abraham Chen,  Unbound Student


What you’ll love about Unbound:

All-in-one pricing

Books are included with course tuition, and there are no hidden fees.

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Help whenever you need it

Enjoy on-demand support, success coaching, and academic guidance.

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Graduate faster

Study at your own pace and take breaks when you need them.

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Increased acceptance rates

Transfer to the school you want by enrolling as a Sophomore or Junior.

No due dates

Start your courses, study, and take tests anytime, day or night.

Avoid student loans

Follow your plan and pay as you go instead of paying large, yearly tuition payments.

Connect at in-person events

Not everything is better online. Students need to build networks to find the best opportunities after college. Unbound has you covered.

National Convention

Every year, students gather from all over the country to attend APEX, Unbound’s national convention. They spend 5 days listening to incredible speakers, attending workshops, getting inspired, and developing lasting relationships with one another.

Regional Events

These community events encourage face-to-face student interactions and focus on specific interests like business, art, leadership, and more!

You get to decide how to make the most of your experience and how many events you’d like to attend.

Community college can waste your time.

40% of U.S. undergraduate students start at a community college. However, the average community college student loses 22 credits before earning their 2-year degree simply because those credits don't end up transferring to their target school.* That’s over 7 courses wasted!

*Complete College America’s July 2017 Data Snapshot

Your time is valuable.
We guarantee it.

As an Unbound student, you can rest assured you’re on an efficient path to graduation. If we ever tell you to take a course you don’t need, we’ll give you a free replacement course plus $1,000 for wasting your time.

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